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Rates & Packages starts as low as PhP5,000 up to PhP40,000 (small to medium event) & PhP40,000 to PhP100,000 or more (large event), depending on events place, size of venue, audience size, type of event & technical requirements (lights & sounds).

Please feel free to call us or email us your event details so we can quote you the exact price quotation.


  • Date of event
  • Start time & length time
  • Events place or venue (within Metro Manila or outside)
  • Size or location (specify if it is indoor or outdoor open space)
  • Type of event (Wedding, Debut, Concert, Dance, Production, Corporate, Fashion Show, Church & Worship etc.)
  • Type of drapings (full or partial)
  • Motif or Color Theme
  • Audience or guest size (100 pax, 250 pax, 500 pax, 1K pax, 2K pax, or more)
  • Technical requirements (with Band system, DJs, Projector & Screen, Audio, Lights, Stage, etc.)
  • Event coordinator or planner contact details


We are here always ready to serve you and listen to your needs! We want the best price for you! We care for you! We want to be happy and feel satisfied on your special event! The feeling beyond your expectation! We are flexible and we customize package as per your requirements.

Don’t just go with the Pro but check it out what others really has & we have! Are they really Pro standard or not! You have a freedom to choose. But make sure you make a right choice and right decisions. Make it a habit in choosing appropriate people and pro standard equipment.

Value your hard earn money don’t waste it! It’s a once in a lifetime event, no more take two, no more next time! Leave it always to Pro and expert team! Define what quality of sounds & lights you need. Can you imagine what is life without proper pleasure on hearing quality sounds? Your guest might tell you, “Oh wow what a great sounds to hear in my ear”.

We admit that we are not the cheapest and we do not lower prices just to meet other sounds & lights supplier prices. We don’t want to lose the quality of service that we want for you. But we compromise on what you need and what you want, quality or price? In short, we put the quality of service above all else. No gimmicks with regards to an unsurpressed commitment to quality.

Our main priority is Service and Quality! We always put in mind the company & customers reputation. We always think the best that’s why we want to serve you the best. What you pay we return and pay it back to you.

We make sure that all personnel staff are all highly skilled, trained, disciplined, courteous, motivated, dedicated, well experience, starting from the top to bottom hierarchy or organization (from Management Team to Technical Team). We’ve been in business since late 80’s and early 90’s and we gain lots of good reputation and experience in the field of sounds & lights industry, as well in entertainment industry. No bad records ever since we started.

If you are a type of person who put more on quality rather than the price you are in a right track and you know what you are looking for.

Focus on the other important things in your event and leave the worrying to us. You have nothing to worry about the quality, we guarantee our services!

If you have any questions that need answer, contact us now! We don’t bit, no pushy sales personnel. We are inspired, Happy to serve you and we entertain your needs!

Notes to remember:

  • We do not accept pencil bookings. Strictly No Down payment, No System, No Setup Policy! (3N’s)
  • Out of town rates & delivery charges are applicable.
  • Must submit first event & conact details before asking quotations.
  • Must read, fill out & sign contract (terms & conditions) before closing any agreement.
  • We keep your signed aggreement on file for all future reference or purposes.
  • First come, First sign, First serve basis only (3F’s)
  • Deposit is Non-refundable, Non-transferable.
  • Rates are inclusive of service charge.
  • Rates are subject to change without prior notice.
  • Only serious inquiries, No mocker, No hater, No teaser here!!!
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