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Music Matrix Pro Lights and Sounds is here to answer the demand for touring Sound System, Event Lightning. LCD Projector, Stage & Trusses, LED Wall, & Audio/Video Rentals.

We are utilizing well known brand industry standard from United States, Europe, and Asia. With the list of known audio and lightning equipmen brands the company can cater to all types of needs.

We can cater all kinds of event such as Weddings & Debuts, Live Band, Acoustic Band, Mini and Medium Concert, Orchestra, Stage Play, Fashion Show, Ballroom Dancing, Club Dance, DJ & Dance Services, Karaoke, Videoke, Public Address System, Corporate Event, Conferences, Church, House of Worship and other events.

Founded on the year 1990 by the two brothers Wilson & Jon-jon Urbano. It just started as a hobby and due to passion to music & DJ’ing that later on turns into sounds & lights business.


“We hear from the ear not from the gear”… Our Motto!!!…”Service & Quality is what we meant…” “Customers and Company Reputations is our priority…!” We think best that’s why we serve you best…!


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